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3 Reasons Why Medical Device Trends Matter

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Precision Group is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of both injection-molded plastics and tooling across various industries. We have been around for 30+ years, manufacturing molds and tools for non-invasive medical devices and surgical instruments, among other products.

With medical device manufacturing revenue expecting to rise three percent every year through 2023, we feel it’s important to look at the trends. These innovations will be discussed in May at NPE2018, an event focused on next-generation plastics.

We’ll be attending NPE2018 specifically looking at medical device trends in the areas of new materials, additives, and sustainability.

Now, why are these trends important?


Using the right materials and additives increases the strength, flexibility, and customization options for medical devices and surgical instruments. This means greater capabilities, higher accuracy, and increased patient comfort. What more can you ask for?


The right materials can improve your medical device’s performance and decrease the production time, getting it in your hands faster so you can get a feel for the size and how it works. Before the medical device launches, you’ll also be able to make changes to the design easier since certain additives offer greater prototype options. Once your product is approved, it can hit the market early.


Sustainable non-invasive medical devices and surgical instruments are more durable. This means higher product lifecycles and fewer products in landfills. By pursuing sustainability, you can also help the environment, reduce production costs, and minimize waste. One of the major sustainability trends is biodegradable bioplastics, which a surgeon may find useful because the product will dissolve eventually without requiring surgery to remove.

At Precision Group, we always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and deliverability.