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5 benefits of plastic injection in the daily life

The plastic injection in San Antonio and the world is so beneficial and important for humans, even though it seems invisible to our eyes because it is so present in many corners (if not all) of our lives.  

How many products manufactured by this process do we have around or interact daily? Do you see any Tupperware, a PET bottle, a toy of your daughter or son, or a bucket? All of these products are the result of injection molding.

Industries use plastic injection molding to manufacture millions of products consumed locally, as imported and exported due to its performance and results; this has led the plastic injection industry to become an engine for growth in the country. 

An example of this is Precision Group which recently was awarded the Fast Track 2022 award by the San Antonio Journal. Plastic injection represents an opportunity to provide customized solutions for injection molding for every industry

It is always important to analyze the strengths of your brand, industry, and market to invest in your plastic injection molding production or machinery. Maya Royberg has instilled this philosophy in our company, which has led her to win the C-Suite Award in 2022

In today’s article, the team of Precision Group wants to help you decide to invest in plastic injection, which is why we will talk about the five benefits of plastic injection molding for your business.

Why is plastic injection beneficial in our daily lives? 

As we talk about in the intro, plastic injection in San Antonio impacts many spheres of our lives. 

The solutions it provides for manufacturing productions for a wide range of industries make plastic injection one of the most reliable processes for several pieces’ designs and manufacture that keep companies working around the world and the users and customs happy 24/7. 

Such is the case of plastic injection molding in the medical industry. This process manufactures many elements, such as syringes and prostheses. So take note because below are the 5 main benefits of plastic injection.

1.- Optimizes time production

Many are the reasons why the plastic injection is a factor in optimizing production times. To an ever-increasing and automated demand, to mention an example in terms of eCommerce, with the plastic injection, we can have a larger quantity of finished products to satisfy the request of millions of people around the world. 

Injection molding achieves a high automated degree because plastic injection allows to better automate the assembly lines of the products, especially in the medical industry

2.- Cost reduction

Plastic injection in San Antonio and the world is increasingly replacing materials such as metals and glass

Plastic, by being lighter, also allows for lighter charges, which leads to reduced investment and transportation costs.

This way, the pieces manufactured by plastic injection also allow reduced delivery, logistics operations of distribution and last-mile logistics costs. 

At its time, plastic injection allows less energy consumption thanks to the optimizations of their equipment, an impact that also translates into a cost reduction

3.- Liberty and creativity in the design 

The mold engineering used in plastic injection in San Antonio has a high perfection grade. We can use them creatively for design effects as specific applications

A case of these specific applications is, once again, the medical industry where we can count on: 

  • Plastics resistant to sterilization
  • Plastics of low density
  • Plastics for X-ray

Much will also have to do with the performance and choice of the correct plastic resins for the processes you want to implement. 

In Precision Group, we advise you to choose these resins and solve any doubts regarding the injection molding processes we offer. 

4.- 100% accomplish certifications

The standardization of plastic injection in San Antonio must be managed and supervised to accomplish national and international standards

In this way, in Precision Group, we have the certifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, to guarantee the processes under the required quality standards.  

5.- Quality guaranteed 

Plastic injection molding is one of the best-performing processes, as it is a process that allows a high degree of precision and quality in the products it manufactures. 

Plastic injection molding reflects this in its engineering design, which has been in our lives for generations. 

Many recipients of medicines can only be processed by plastic injection, generating anti-opening locks, for example, to control particular specifications of the container’s use. 

As we mentioned in the last articles of the blog, plastic injection is a fascinating world to discover and implement in our company. If you want to learn more about this, do not forget to stay pendant of our page and blog.