Alamo Academies Internship Program Graduate!

Here is the story of Alamo academy.


Congratulations to Steven Valadez, Burbank High School and Alamo Academies student. Steven will complete his internship next week. Following the completion of the 8-week, 320 hour program. Then Steven will complete his senior year in high school and the Academy. Upon graduation, he’ll have 32 credits toward an Associate’s Degree. While at Precision Mold & Tool Group, Steven worked 320 hours in both the molding and injection sides of the business. Additionally, he is the first participant in the preappenticeship program established between Precision Mold & Tool Group and the Alamo Academies. If Steven chooses to, this program allows for a direct hire to the US Department of Labor apprenticeship program and sets him up for a life-long career. We wish Steven all the best with his senior year in school and look forward to him returning to Precision Mold & Tool Group following his graduation. Congratulations Steven!!

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