Outsourcing Is Not the Answer

COVID-19 has exposed some harsh realities about American manufacturing. For years, operations have been shipped overseas where labor is cheaper due to unequal economic development. Now, in our hour of greatest need, Americans are looking to the manufacturing sector to quickly produce ventilators, masks, and other medical equipment — but many overseas operations will not export equipment to the US and many US-based manufacturers are now ill-equipped to pick up the slack.

At Precision Group, we’ve been preparing for this situation for years by keeping our manufacturing in America and taking a different, leaner approach. We’ve implemented the latest technology, built relationships with corporate partners who exactly meet our needs, and kept skilled American workers employed. As a result of our preparations, we’re ready to help our country take up the fight against this virus by creating plastic components our medical industry needs to succeed.

In times of crisis, our country depends on our own workers and private industry to solve problems. And we know the days of absurdly low overseas wages are coming to an end as these workers seek better pay. Companies can no longer wave a magic outsourcing wand and see a difference on their bottom line. America is strong, developed, and resourceful — let’s make it competitive again in manufacturing and take on this challenge here and together.

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