The Results of Education

Today we celebrated the outstanding achievements of six people in the company. Mike Pasley, Noe Beltran, Mike Wilson, Mohammad Mandehgari, and Ernesto Gonzalez completed the United States Department of Labor Tool and Die Maker Apprenticeship program. Each completed an academic course of instruction as well as 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Congratulations to these five gentlemen for a marvelous accomplishment.

Additionally, Precision Mold & Tool Group is poised to be the first manufacturing academy partner with the Alamo Academies Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Academy to offer a pre-apprenticeship program to run in parallel with the Alamo Academies internship program. Our intern, Steven Valdez, provided an in-depth tour of facility operations to Terry Young, Alamo Academies Coordinator, and Joe Ybarra, ATMA Instructor.

Precision Mold & Tool Group is committed to ensuring our people are able to make use of the best educational opportunities possible. Again, congratulations to our graduates and to our intern!

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