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At Precision Group we take great pains to ensure that our customers are guided through the process of bringing a product from the concept phase to manufacturability and then to production itself. We offer the complete range of services customers require and seamlessly integrate our customers' product ideas into our start-to-finish turnkey operation. Customers rely on our experienced and skilled management team to lead them from start to finish, and our collaboration tools and proprietary scheduling system ensure effective communication concerning project milestones and on-time delivery of customer orders.


Discovery Discovery is the earliest phase of the product lifecycle. During in-depth conversations with customers, concepts and ideas are turned into product requirements and program plans. Precision’s common collaboration platform provides a strong foundation for information management across the entire lifecycle of creating your product.

Tech Survey Technology is vital to providing world class tooling solutions. Our job is to identify the exact requirements of your project and select the right technology to service those needs quickly — no more and no less than what is required. From our integrated business systems, to our customized software solutions to our advanced quality systems and planning processes, we employ a truly integrated process allowing us to provide technologically advanced solutions.

Proposal We provide our recommendations to customers based on our extensive experience, planning, and survey process and straightforwardly explain how we plan to service their needs for production or maintainence of materials. Only once our customers fully understand our plan and agree to it do we proceed to the design phase.


Product Design Our experienced engineers and designers within our tooling department are dedicated to designing the best product for your business (our molding department is not involved in the design phase). Our team uses the best available design tools to capture the vision of our customers. We support CAD design in-house or on-site with all of the major software packages.

Concept Styling and Layout Precision Group's software tools allow the designers in our tooling department access to a variety of modeling techniques and templates which allow them to explore different options rapidly, without the limitations of generic design tools. Design teams can rapidly capture and create re-usable design and manufacturing elements while they participate in everyday development processes.

3D Design All aspects of design are captured in a single 3D CAD master model built by designers in our tooling department. The software creates a complete 3D product definition, and enables a simulation that assesses producibility issues long before a prototype is manufactured. With all information and details together in one 3D model, design changes are possible quickly and early in the design process, and then information can efficiently be shared with all teams working concurrently on the design of the vehicle component. All of Precision's 3D design work is handled by our tooling department's design team. Our molding department is not involved in design.

Advanced Engineering The culture of Precision allows for innovative thinking and for cutting edge technological advances, with cost competitive solutions to satisfy your needs. Within the Precision Group, our advanced engineering team has dedicated resources assigned to R&D, and Advanced Tooling Development. These resources focus on continuously improving our existing products as well as advanced development of new technologies to meet the growing automotive industry needs.


Prototyping Precision Group builds customers a “quick tool,” made out of aluminum rather than the high-hardness steel used for long production run tools. This approach allows customers to envision their final products exactly as they would appear after a full production run. Read more about Prototyping here.

Machining We specialize in unique and complex machining jobs for a diverse array of high-profile customers around the world. Using our top-of-the-line selection of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC mills (see equipment list), and our various Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs) we are able to execute highly nuanced maneuvers to produce the intricate geometries in metal that our customers require — particularly those involving significant curvatures. Read more about machining here.

Injection Molding Precision Group is well-versed in the art and science of injection molding, which is forcing or injecting molten plastics into a mold made of steel or aluminium, where it cools and forms the shape of the void. We have a dedicated and highly trained team working around the clock to fulfill customer orders on numerous injection presses, including the 390-ton Toshiba All-Electric press with a Yushin Robot (see equipment for full list). Read more about Injection Molding here.

Mold Creation Since 1985, Precision Group has built its reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of tools used for injection molding. Using our 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC mills, as well as various Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs), we are able to build molds to satisfy customer needs for virtually any length or scale of production. Read more about mold creation here.


Repairs Customers frequently task Precision Group with repairing damage to molds and complex machined metal components. Our combination of expertise and cutting-edge equipment make Precision Group the first choice for many companies looking to get their molds and equipment back up and running quickly. Recently, Precision Group has added to its repair arsenal the HTS Mobile Precision Laser Welder, which uses a pulsed Nd:YAG laser (see equipment list). This laser welding process localizes the working area, allowing for extremely precise welds with an accuracy of up to 50 microns. Read more about our repair services here.

Preventative Maintenance Precision Group regularly services molds for the aerospace, automotive, appliances, and R&D industries and we’ve earned the trust of our customers over years of consistent and high-quality maintenance on molds large and small. Read more about our preventative maintenance services here.



Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical, Automotive, Electronic, and Consumer Devices


Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical Devices

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