Our Team

Maya Royberg

CEO & Owner

Maya co-founded Precision Group in 1985 and serves as CEO, overseeing all aspects of business operations. She focuses on building a family-oriented atmosphere for employees and customers while expanding the technological capabilities of the organization. Maya also seeks opportunities to do community development work in the local area.

Naum Royberg

President & Owner

Naum co-founded Precision Group in 1985 in his garage and has led Precision’s engineering and technical staff from the beginning, growing the company into a world-renowned molding, tooling, machining and engineering services provider. Naum is a highly experienced engineer and tool maker, trusted by clients to deliver superior results.

Domingo Auces

VP of Operations

With 24+ years’ experience in international business and manufacturing, Domingo oversees daily design, manufacturing and refurbishment activities related to custom injection molding and assembly, reverse engineering, and turnkey contract assembly. Domingo graduated from St. Mary’s University with a degree in Business Administration.

Javier Treviño

Tooling & Engineering Sales

Javier has worked with Precision Group in the tooling business for over 25 years. His expertise includes evaluating, quoting and managing all types of repairs, E.C.s, fabrication of components, and complete tools/molds. Javier graduated from South Texas Vo-Tech in 1987.

Cesar Márquez

Tooling & Engineering Sales

Cesar has 11 years’ experience generating sales in the manufacture and design of injection molds. He graduated with a degree in control and computer engineering, and works to establish business ties to build strong relationships with customers.

Frédéric Chargé

Tooling & Engineering Sales

Frédéric is a specialist in business development, focused on understanding customer requirements and technical solutions, as well as generating strong, long-term business relationships. He is experienced at training and leading high-performance business teams.

Fabián Figueroa

Tooling & Engineering Sales

Fabian has 25 years’ experience in sales. In that time, he has been officially recognized at several conventions for his dedication, hard work, and accomplishments. He is family-oriented and focused on resolving issues for customers.

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