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Advantages of plastic injection molding in the medical industry

Let’s close our eyes for a moment. Imagine a medical office, an O. R, or a hospital; its space is full of plastic objects, and plastic injection molding manufactures many of them thanks to its adaptability and details as to its easy and economical production, among other advantages that we are going to discuss further in today’s article. 

This way, the spaces we mentioned have been, literally from decades ago, plastic fortresses at the service of humanity and the fight against diseases and illness.

In this context, and in the face of technological advances, plastic injection molding is more relevant because the plastic in the medical industry provides each day more and better solutions to fight the problems around the sector, helping patients all over the world to achieve a better life.  

Today we will talk about the advantages of plastic injection in the medical industry and its role in the health of the world’s population.

Plastic injection molding in the medical industry has a particular relevance due to the precision with which every detail in the process must be managed

In Precision Group, we are experts in plastic injection in San Antonio because we collaborate with companies all over the world to manufacture its components for the medical sector. We have ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certifications, essential for plastic products in the medical industry

What can plastic injection do in the medical industry?

To talk about plastic injection in the medical industry is to talk about a relationship of many years built by synergy

Plastic injection in San Antonio has in the medical industry one of its pillars; it’s in constant growth and on the vanguard due to the safety and functionality of its processes. Produces in the medical industry many of the products, systems, and medical solutions with which we have grown for generations. 

In Precision Group, we are passionate about being a part of the sector growth with the multiple projects that we are part of in the medical industry, manufacturing, among others, the following products:

  1. Blood and tissue sampling devices
  2. Oxygen masks
  3. Childbirth devices
  4. Non invasive medical devices 
  5. Surgical instruments
  6. Oxygen filtration units
  7. Portable wound care devices

The design and engineering of each one of these products satisfy a large variety of objects or functions that can only be achieved through plastic injection for the medical sector.

Principal advantages of plastic injection in the medical sector

According to data from ANIPAC, one of the 7 million tons of plastic produced in 2022, 2% was for the consumption of the medical industry and is expected to increase by 1 and 2 percent by 2023. 

In this sense, Plastic injection in San Antonio and around the world is expected to grow over the next year, with a hand-in-hand relationship between business innovation and the medical sector.  

Below we take a look at what we consider the main 4 advantages of plastic injection in the medical industry

1.- Sterilization capability

Plastics withstand radiation and high temperatures for sterilization. This step is a requirement for many of the usual hospital or medical office processes in laboratory parts

Thanks to plastic’s qualities, we can use it in pieces that have or are in touch with blood and materials that we need to keep harmless or safe from any microbial load or any other type of load that alters the liquid or substance within, for example, the syringes

Laboratory sampling and surgery would not exist as we know them today if it were not for the sterilization capabilities of plastics

The plastics most commonly used in the sterilization in the medical industry are: 

  1. PP (Polypropylene)
  2. PE (Polyethylene)
  3. PS (Polystyrene)
  4. PVC
  5. Teflon (PTFE/PFA) 
  6. ABS

We can include within the most usual methods for sterilizing plastic objects and other materials the autoclaving process, dry sterilization, and ionizing radiation

2.- Lightness

Lightness and plastic are always synonyms, both in the automotive industry and in the medical industry

Plastic injection molding gives that lightweight to any product, from the glasses used by doctors to prostheses, for example.

This plastic quality makes it especially suitable for the medical sector, which is eager for innovations that capitalize on this advantage while experimenting with new plastics or new alloys

3.- Flexibility and resistance 

Plastic is adaptable to many forms, this is why it is used for many purposes in the medical industry, taking into account that it must adapt to situations of the human body or the environment where the medical procedure takes place, which must be optimized to the maximum

One pretty clear case of this are the hoses and serum or blood bags that allow the safety of samples from beginning to end. 

In Precision Group, we have designed several projects for our clients thinking on this quality, such as the vacuum pump for obstetrics, which we developed in conjunction with Prisma Enterprises, LP

4.- Costs optimization

Plastic injection molding in San Antonio allows a faster, reliable and high quality production

This also facilitates freedom in the product or solution design, supported by a much deeper and interesting engineering

For example, thanks to plastic injection, molds for pharmaceutical containers and packaging, which can sometimes have specific and functional shapes such as nasal sprays, are manufactured. 

During the pandemic, we saw a sudden increase in demand for masks, goggles, and respirators around the world, a fact solved due to the optimization of costs and resources for plastic injection molding.  

Do you want to manufacture plastic injection pieces for medical use? Get in touch with us, at Precision Group, we want to help you to achieve your business goals. 

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