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​ Unlocking Quality in Automotive Manufacturing: A Legacy of Precision Mold Creation & Product Production​ ​

In the dynamic realm of automotive products, where efficiency, productivity, and swift time-to-market are the driving forces, Precision Group stands as a beacon of expertise. While the demanding standards of this industry may pose formidable challenges for many, our unwavering work ethic, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and talent, positions us to confront and conquer these challenges head-on.

With a rich history in creating and maintaining molds for the automotive sector, Precision Group is not just a manufacturer; we are architects of automotive innovation. Our commitment to meet and exceed standards; it’s about exceeding expectations. We continuously invest in the evolution of our processes, embracing cutting-edge technologies that amplify quality control, elevate productivity, and dramatically reduce delivery times.

Choose Precision Group for a partnership that not only understands the intricacies of automotive manufacturing but thrives on pushing boundaries. Join us in revolutionizing the industry as we pave the way for unparalleled excellence in every mold we create.

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Decades of Experience​

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Systematic Process​

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Cutting Edge Equipment ​

Automotive Clients like You​

Our extensive expertise, refined processes, and cutting-edge equipment have garnered the trust of industry leaders such as GM, Toyota, and Tesla. These giants rely on Precision Group to manufacture, maintain, and repair molds crucial to diverse automotive production scenarios. Connect with us today!

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, Precision Mold and Tool is committed to quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Each product is designed to serve a specific purpose, with a range of different perspectives we help our customers find the right solutions.

Whether it’s molds and plastics for automotive interior and exterior assemblies, textured surfaces in need of repair, engine components, fluid control systems, wire harnesses and more, Precision Group is here to serve the needs of manufacturing of the automotive industry and its suppliers. Connect with us today!