Academic Incubators: The Future of Startups

In today’s competitive marketplace, young entrepreneurs need the right ideas, tools, and connections to develop products for marketability.


Precision Group of San Antonio is ISO 13485:2016 Certified

Precision Group of San Antonio today announced the company’s quality management system received its ISO 13485:2016 certification which will allow the plastics and tooling…

Mold Flow Analysis

Before the injection molding process begins, a Mold Flow Analysis is conducted to identify potential problems and improvements for a mold before it gets built.


Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical discharge machining is a machining method primarily used for hard metals or those that would be very difficult to machine with traditional techniques.


The Results of Education

Today we celebrated the outstanding achievements of six people in the company. Mike Pasley, Noe Beltran, Mike Wilson, Mohammad Mandehgari, and Ernesto Gonzalez completed the United States Department…


What You Need to Know About Injection Molding Options

Precision Group offers the full-service manufacturing of molded plastic components for a wide range of industries. Our expertise in precision tooling manufacturing includes a wide variety of molds, including prototype aluminum molds, multi-cavity, stack molds, rapid tooling, insert molds, gas-assisted, thin wall, and hot runner molds. To help you better understand the benefits of each […]


Turning the Tide

Not too long ago, America proudly led the world in manufacturing. What the heck happened? Decades of outsourcing by short-sighted corporations has stripped America of our manufacturing independence, leaving us vulnerable in the era of COVID-19. Only now, faced with a broken system where we cannot obtain medical supplies to fight the virus, have these […]


3 Reasons Why Medical Device Trends Matter

Precision Group is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of both injection-molded plastics and tooling across various industries. We have been around for 30+ years, manufacturing molds and tools for non-invasive medical devices and surgical instruments, among other products. With medical device manufacturing revenue expecting to rise three percent every year through 2023, we feel it’s […]


What Can Manufacturing Automation Do For You?

Precision Group is equipped with the most advanced technology in the tool and die industry today. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends in manufacturing so that we can deliver higher quality products and exceptional service to our customers. One of the ways manufacturing customers can benefit is through automation. Manufacturing […]


Safety Practices in Manufacturing

We have amazing technologies at our fingertips, that improve efficiency, production, precision, and design. However, advanced equipment doesn’t necessarily lead to a safer work environment. In fact, there is a minimal amount of information regarding how to properly handle tools, dies, and molds. Our shop is extremely safe because of the knowledge that is passed […]

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