Tight Tolerance in Tooling Manufacture: Precision Group Experience in the Medical Industry

Introduction In today’s advanced manufacturing landscape, precision is paramount. The ability to consistently produce components and parts with incredibly tight tolerances is a hallmark of excellence in industries like aerospace, automotive, and, most notably, the medical sector. This article delves into the world of tight tolerance in tooling manufacture, with a specific focus on Precision […]


With specialty molds, Precision Group has Mexico in its sights Thanks to a very positive market expectation in Mexico, with the specialty in mold creation, Precision Group opted for the opening of a new operation in Monterrey last January. In this headquarters they offer repair and maintenance services for molds, although the idea is to take its capacities towards the manufacture of tools and […]


Academic Incubators: The Future of Startups

In today’s competitive marketplace, young entrepreneurs need the right ideas, tools, and connections to develop products for marketability.


Precision Group to Exhibit at Meximold 2021

Precision Group is excited to announce that we will be attending the Meximold 2021 exhibition in Queretaro, Mexico in October 2021…


Alamo Academies Internship Program Graduate!

Congratulations to Steven Valadez, Burbank High School and Alamo Academies student. Steven will complete his internship next week. Following the completion of the 8-week, 320 hour program…


Holiday Update 2020

Although the past year has been challenging for us and for the whole world, we at Precision Group are looking forward to turning over a new leaf in 2021 with some exciting developments…


Coming Together Across Borders

In the spirit of the holiday season, Precision Group is celebrating our unity as a company by coming together across international borders.


Latest Progress on Monterrey Shop

In our last update, we shared that Precision Group is building a new shop to expand our operations into Monterrey, Mexico. This new shop will be fully equipped with the latest technology to service our customers’ mold building, maintenance, and repair needs to meet the growing demand for those services in Mexico. Last week, we visited […]


Strengthening America’s Manufacturing Labor Force

We’ve talked a lot about outsourcing and how we can choose to grow our economy once more by bringing crucial production back to our shores, but successfully rebooting our economy with the goal of achieving manufacturing independence will depend entirely on having a qualified and effective labor force as its backbone. That labor force has been rocked by two […]


The Evolution of Manufacturing — from Henry Ford to Pluto

As the United States grew larger and its economic ties with other countries grew stronger, manufacturing became more and more sophisticated and the processes became more refined and systematic.

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