Consumer Products​

Precision Group will materialize your product concepts into reality, offering sound guidance through every stage of the process until you attain your ultimate, market-ready product. Our commitment to being a trusted and reliable source you can count on.

Precision Group adopts an entrepreneurial approach, leveraging our wealth of experience to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the essential steps required to reach your ultimate goal and successfully launch your product into the marketplace.​

Every year, consumers invest billions in home, business, and recreation products. Precision Group collaborates with companies and entrepreneurs, offering expertise in design, engineering, tool creation, manufacturing, and production. We guarantee that expectations are met or exceeded, delivering a trusted, reliable, and top-quality product to the marketplace. Ready to elevate your product? Connect with Precision Group and embark on your journey to success today!

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Exceeding Expectations

Consumer Products Customers

Precision Group has collaborated with a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs, producing components in various shapes and sizes, ranging from Frozen Beverage Dispensers (FBD) to renowned names like Igloo Corporation, Coleman Corporation, and GE. Our unique blend of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a disciplined process positions us as a prime partner for diverse customers in the consumer products industry. Connect today!

Being a certified facility under ISO 9001:2015 standards, Precision Group upholds an unwavering commitment to quality across every stage of the design and manufacturing processes.

Every product is crafted with a distinct purpose in mind. With a diverse range of perspectives, we assist our customers in discovering the optimal solution that offers both value and quality.

Therefore, should you be seeking a partner who goes beyond the conventional, providing innovative engineering solutions and a commitment to exceeding your project requirements, we invite you to contact Precision Group today. Let’s collaborate to turn your ideas into reality and create exceptional plastic injection components tailored to your unique needs.

Contact us to embark on a journey of engineering excellence and unmatched quality. Connect today to get started!