Empowering Energy Through Precision Fabrication.

Choose Precision Group as your trusted partner for energy industry components. Our unwavering commitment to precision manufacturing, proven track record, and expertise make us the undeniable choice for delivering top-tier components that drive efficiency and excellence in the dynamic energy sector.

In the dynamic landscape of energy, where fossil fuels and renewables power the world, Precision Group excels in catering to the diverse demands of companies in these sectors. Whether harnessing the potential of oil, gas, wind, or solar energy, our expertise converges on a singular goal: delivering precision-crafted molds and plastic components vital for the intricate machinery and equipment essential in energy extraction and production.”

Our are unwaveringly dedicated to maintaining quality at every stage of the design and manufacturing process


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Elevate your industry standards with Precision Group, the choice for global leaders like Baker Hughes. We specialize in delivering high-quality, reliable, and safety-focused products to the dedicated workforce in energy industry. Supplying top-performance molds and plastic injection components has earned us the trust of industry titans. From fluid control systems to high-pressure vessels, Precision Group is prepared to undertake a wide range of critical manufacturing project for use in the energy industry. 

Each product Precision Group produces is designed and engineered to serve a specific purpose; with a range of different perspectives, we proactively address the challenges and apply a tailored approach that optimally addresses the unique needs of each client. 

From wind turbines to oil pumps, solar panels, and high-pressure vessels, Precision Group is your trusted ally in strengthening the equipment arsenal for energy companies and their suppliers. Our comprehensive services, including mold making and repair, complex machining, design engineering, and injection molding, are designed not only to enhance performance but also prioritize the safety of our clients’ workforce. Connect with Precision Group to start your project today!