Environmental Policy Statement

1.General Statement:


Precision Group is an industry-leading manufacturer of both injection-molded plastics and tooling across the medical, automotive, electronics, telecommunication, defense, and consumer markets.
We are committed to the compliance requirements of ISO 14001:2015 in order to provide our customer’s safe and reliable services in an environmentally sensible and responsible manner.




-Protect the environment

-Comply with all relevant environmental, statutory, and regulatory requirements

-Continual evaluation and improvement of the environmental management system

-Provide environmental training to employees, to show the importance of understanding the environmental impact

-Monitor PG environmental performance and evaluate effectiveness during management review meetings

-Prevent pollution, reduce waste, and ensure that all practical measures are taken to protect the environment

-Use energy efficiently throughout our operation, and promote environmental awareness amongst our customers and suppliers

-Re-use and recycle whenever possible

-Carefully store, use, and handle any necessary chemicals, ozone-depleting substances, and liquids which have potential to cause pollution

-Work cooperatively with others to further common environmental objectives

-Communicate and reinforce this policy to all employees and persons working on behalf of the company

-This policy is made available to all via our company website www.precision-group.com

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