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Precision Group es líder del sector en lo relativo al moldeado por inyección de plásticos, creación y reparación de moldes y mecanizado complejo. Podemos fabricar sus conceptos de producto.

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Strengthening America’s Manufacturing Labor Force

We’ve talked a lot about outsourcing and how we can choose to grow our economy once more by bringing crucial production back to our shores, but successfully rebooting our economy with the goal of...

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Turning the Tide

Not too long ago, America proudly led the world in manufacturing. What the heck happened? Decades of outsourcing by short-sighted corporations has stripped America of our manufacturing independence, l...

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Outsourcing Is Not the Answer

COVID-19 has exposed some harsh realities about American manufacturing. For years, operations have been shipped overseas where labor is cheaper due to unequal economic development. Now, in our hour of...

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The Evolution of Manufacturing — from Henry Ford to Pluto

The history of manufacturing in the United States is a fascinating story of evaluation and change in society, culture, and economics. As the United States grew larger and its economic ties with other...

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Safety Practices in Manufacturing

We have amazing technologies at our fingertips, that improve efficiency, production, precision, and design. However, advanced equipment doesn’t necessarily lead to a safer work environment. In fact,...

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Trabaje con nuestro experto equipo de ingenieros y técnicos para diseñar, crear prototipos y fabricar piezas y herramientas moldeadas por inyección.

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