Families spend billions of dollars each year purchasing products for the home, and they take for granted that the products they purchase are functional, reliable, and safe. Precision Group works with the companies making those consumer products for homes and offices, helping ensure that both the companies’ and consumers’ expectations are fulfilled by producing and maintaining molds and creating injection molded plastics to serve their needs.

Precision Group has worked with a diverse array of companies to produce components of all shapes and sizes, from Frozen Beverage Dispensers (FBD), to Igloo Corporation, Colman corporation, and GE. Our unique combination of experience, technology, and disciplined process makes us well-positioned to tackle the needs of our various customers in the consumer product industry. We offer specific and rigorous engineering design advice based on the expertise of our staff, who employ techniques like mold flow analysis simulations to determine the behavior of molten plastics once injected into a mold. The end result of our collaborative process is precise, high quality plastic parts that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and function exactly as intended.

Our reputation for producing those high-quality components and molds has earned the trust of our customers and solidified our position among the top tier of American manufacturers. If you are looking to produce plastics for consumer products, we are ISO9001:2015-certified and ready to bring your product from the idea phase to manufacturability and production at scale.



Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical, Automotive, Electronic, and Consumer Devices

Consumer Customers

Bring your product idea to life

Work with our expert team of engineers and technicians to design, prototype, and manufacture injection molded parts and tooling.

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