The electronics industry creates critical infrastructure components that enable the communications we all take for granted. But without these components, the high-tech interconnected world we know today would not be possible. Precision Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of Molded Plastic Components for electronics, and we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions to the fast-paced industry that enables our modern way of life.

Precision Group has worked with Corning Cable systems to develop telecom equipment, and has extensive experience creating and maintaining molds and injection molded plastics to support the development of fiber optics systems for cable, internet, and telephone applications. We use techniques like overmolding to produce wire harnesses for cables, and excel at critical tolerance molding in a product space where millimeters and microns of imperfection can lead to failure.

With our highly-trained staff and cutting-edge production equipment, we are well-equipped to service the needs of our customers in the electronics industry as they encounter new challenges in a rapidly shifting landscape and require a nimble but sure-footed partner to create and maintain molds, produce injection molded plastics, provide engineering design assistance, and more.



Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical, Automotive, Electronic, and Consumer Devices

Electronics Customers

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