Precision Group is a leading manufacturer of components for the medical industry, holding ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certifications, and strictly maintaining compliant processes in quality control. We work with companies all over the world to produce molds, and are supporting American company Thermo Fisher in its production of coronavirus test kits — ensuring high quality by providing engineering assistance on injection molds and making sure these kits are qualified to perform their function properly.

Precision Group regularly exceeds the expectations of our clients in the medical device industry. We have manufactured birthing devices, blood & tissue sampling devices, custom medical instrumentation, oxygen masks, oxygen filtration units, non-invasive medical devices, portable wound irrigation devices, surgical instruments, and more. Companies like Alcon Surgical, Omron, and others have come to rely on Precision for its consistency, quality, and rigorous attention to detail and compliance.

We also offer design services through our tooling department's design team. Our molding department is not involved in design.

If you are interested producing or servicing molds or plastics for medical devices and components that could be used in the global fight against coronavirus, we are looking to collaborate with you.



Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical, Automotive, Electronic, and Consumer Devices


Manufacture of Molded Plastic Components for Medical Devices

Bone & Tissue Repair Tech

Osteobiologics, Inc.

Bone and tissue repair technology used with bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolds, films, and related instrumentation for the repair and replacement of bone, soft tissue and articular cartilage. Precision Group designed and built molds for the production of plastic components in this device.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inova Labs, Inc.

System automatically detects and adjust patient therapy based on oxygen requirements for periods of activity and sleep. This tech is used as both a portable and stationary oxygen providing round-the-clock therapy. Precision Group designed and built molds for the production of plastic components in this device.

Oxygen Masks

UNO Medical, Inc.

System for precise control of inspired oxygen concentration. During inspiratoin, the patient draws gases from both oxygen flowing into the mask via tubing, as well as from room air via ports on the sides of the mask. Oxygen is delivered in concentrations of 40-60%. Precision Group designed and built molds for the production of plastic components in this device.

Obstetric Vacuum Pump

Prism Enterprises, LP

Vacuum-assisted delivery system, employing a flexible shaft to allow precise positioning of a flexible suction cup on a baby’s head. The pump creates negative pressure for a clinician to pull and assist with maternal efforts during delivery. Precision Group designed and built molds for the production of plastic components in this device.

Medical Management System

Advanced Pharmacy

A fully automated, constantly-monitored unit-dose dispensing center located in nursing facilities, designed to enhance med pass accuracy and eliminate costly medication waste. Precision Group designed and built injection molds for the production molding and assembly of the plastic components.

Non-Invasive & Invasive instruments

Precision Medical Instrumentation

Speed in fabrication is crucial for taking a product from the concept phase to final production parts. We developed rapid tooling solutions, guided our customer to select the correct resins, and used our design expertise to help our client overcome hurdles like dimensional accuracy, flatness, surface finish, and mold life.

Medical Customers

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