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Medical devices made with plastic injection

It’s impossible to think about the world of the medical industry without the presence of plastic. Each development or medical device made from plastic materials is a window of possibilities and solutions, due to the optimization they provide to this market. 

In this sense, plastic injection in San Antonio has collaborated to make these devices a reality with increasingly better results and projection, since plastic has a great adaptability to the needs of the medical field and international standards for its manufacture.

That is why today we will talk about medical devices made with plastic injection and how they are synonyms of innovation both for the plastic industry and the medical industry. 

In Precision Group we have been dedicated to plastic injection in San Antonio and Mexico since 1985. We have the infrastructure and experience that your project requires. 

Which medical devices are manufactured with plastic injection? 

There are many reasons why plastic is one of the most used materials in the medical industry, among which the following stand out:

  1. Lightness
  2. Resistance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Mass production 

This way, plastic injection in the medical industry allows us to take advantage of these benefits through many devices with a rich diversity of functionalities and purposes. 

Among the best-known cases of plastic devices in the medical world are the following:

  • Laboratory material: pipettes, beakers, cuvettes, tweezers, extraction tubes
  • Syringes and other injection devices. 
  • Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Equipment for specialized purposes such as magnetic resonance.
  • Prosthetics.

However, there are a myriad of specialty applications that complement these basic applications.

Below, we will mention 3 medical devices made with plastic injection, which have a great future and are generating design, technical and scientific advances. 

1.- Vacuum pumps for obstetrics

Complications in childbirth are something that doctors are accustomed to dealing with with the safety of plastic tools, such as the manual vacuum pump, which helps reduce the risks of other devices, such as metal forceps.

This vacuum pump, usually made of polyethylene and silicone in plastic injection, helps the baby to come out when it does not move through the birth canal, either because it gets stuck, is not in the right position, the baby is too big, or when labor is interrupted.

For these situations, the well-known obstetric vacuum cup consists of an arm with a bell-shaped cup, which helps to gently suction the baby’s head. It works to assist the baby’s exit from the birth canal, after which the cup is removed from the pump and normal delivery proceeds.

In Precision Group we have developed an obstetric vacuum cup in conjunction with Prism Enterprises, LP, which has had excellent results in its implementation. 

2.- Portable oxygen concentrator

Many times the body’s functioning requires a stable level of oxygen in the blood, presenting these cases more frequently in elderly patients, whose mobility is also diminished over the years.

For these cases, there are designed and produced portable oxygen concentrators that allow this oxygenation to patients with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs, thanks to the lightness of these devices. 

The portable oxygen concentrators must have a battery system that can last as many hours as possible, also providing a continuous flow of oxygen as programmed, or accompanying the patient according to their breathing rate.

Patients with portable oxygen concentrators can have the necessary mobility to continue with their normal life at home, also doing their activities the necessary time away from home. 

Thanks to portable oxygen concentrators, patients can travel whenever they require, as the concentrators are also regulated and permitted for scheduled flights.

3.- Tissue and Bone Repair Technology

The detailed work required for a bone or tissue reconstruction operation must always be precise and have the necessary tools so that the technology developed can be executed without problems or risks.

OsteoBiologics Inc. is a company located in San Antonio, Texas, dedicated to the production of resorbable biopolymers to replace damaged tissue, developing technology in conjunction with the Texas Health Science Center.

In Precision Group we have designed and developed plastic injection processes for the tools that help OsterBiologics Inc. in this very detailed and specialized reconstruction work.

Get close to Precision Group, the leading manufacturer of plastic injection in the medical industry. Thanks to our Clean Room, where we have the machinery and equipment to meet the requirements of ISO 8 that certify us as authorized producers for medical devices, so we can also advise your project from start to finish. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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