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Precision Group is a global renowned manufacturer, widely recognized and trusted as a premier provider of precision tools essential to produce plastic injection molded goods.

Precision Group excels in crafting precise tools and molds, embarking on a journey that commences with meticulous design, thorough evaluation, and a comprehensive product analysis tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Our commitment to detail is unparalleled, as we dedicate the utmost attention to understanding our clients’ needs. 

Once every piece of information has been thoroughly reviewed, Precision Group expertly presents a range of options meticulously curated to align seamlessly with your project’s specific needs.


Precision Group brings forth a legacy of 39 years in custom tool manufacturing. Our reputation is built on trust, qualifications, and the invaluable experience of our seasoned team. Contact us today to get started!​

Timely & Cost Effective​


Industry Leaders​


Tested & Approved​

At Precision Group, our mission is straightforward: Every step in our process is a chance to showcase our unwavering commitment to quality, all while ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.​ 

If you are choosing to manufacture a series of plastic injection-molded parts employing either standard or specialty molding techniques, our expertise lies in delivering top-tier plastic components. We take pride in our commitment to precision, ensuring that each product precisely meets our customers’ requirements. Our dedicated and highly trained team is at the forefront of delivering high-quality results. Reach out and connect with Precision Group today!​