precision tooling manufacturing

Our Molding Division has attained ISO 13485:2016 certification for Medical Device and Quality Management Systems. This certification is a requirement for regulatory purposes and is an international standard that outlines the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry.

Precision Group’s San Antonio location specializes in full-service manufacturing of molded plastic components for a wide range of industries. With our expertise in precision tooling manufacturing, we are able to create a variety of mold types. This includes prototype aluminum molds, stack molds, insert molds, and hot runner molds.

Precision Group offers cost-effective injection molding. Master Unit Die and Round Mate quick-change mold frame systems are used during the injection molding process. These systems achieve lower tooling costs with the benefit of quick-to-market manufacturing. Precision Group also offers mold repair and mold transportation to and from the customer. As well as,  in-house mold repair, on-site mold repair, and preventative maintenance.




Injection Presses

  • 610 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • 390 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • 330 Ton Cincinnati Powerline with AEC Robot
  • 165 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Yushin Picker
  • 110 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Phoenix Picker
  • Full Injection Presses equipment List

Material Handling

  • Overhead Crane - 2 ton
  • Overhead Crane - 5 ton
  • Daewoo 6000lb Hydraulic Fork Lift


  • Straight and Angled Conveyor Systems
  • Branson 2000A Sonic Welder
  • TampoPrint Sealed Ink Cup 90 Pad Printer
  • Daikin Hydraulic Unit
  • AEC Water Chillers


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