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Transforming your vision into reality is a meticulous process we undertake step by step. Our seasoned team members collaborates with you at every stage, ensuring the success of your project—from its conceptualization to the final product. Equipped with comprehensive services such as design, engineering, and manufacturing, the Precision Group is dedicated to bringing form and function seamlessly to your product.


Planning and Programming

Exploration: Our journey begins with attentive listening. During our initial discovery phase, we dlve into the intricacies of your project, gaining insights into your goals, needs, and expectations.

Strategic Technological Prowess: Remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge tooling technology, we continuously strive to provide tailored solutions for your project.



Product Design: Our team of engineers and designers meticulously aligns your production goals, budget, timeline, and other key factors to craft a design tailored to your needs.

Concept Styling and Layout: Leveraging cutting-edge modeling techniques and templates, our clients can swiftly and efficiently explore various options to find the perfect fit.

3D Design: Utilizing advanced 3D CAD simulation software, we anticipate potential production issues well in advance of the prototype phase. This allows us to optimize your design early in the process, ensuring a smooth transition to the manufacturing stage.

Advanced Engineering: Our engineering experts merge innovative thinking with state-of-the-art technology, excelling in developing even the most intricate designs with precision and efficiency.


Production & Maintenance​

Prototype: Our aluminum prototyping process enables the creation of fully functional product samples, mirroring the precision of high-level production tools.

Machining Excellence: Specializing in intricate and complex machining, we excel in executing highly nuanced maneuvers on projects that demand tight tolerances.

Tailored Mold Building: Our physical tooling process is meticulously tailored to meet your exact project requirements, ensuring you receive the perfect mold for your manufacturing needs.

Preventive Maintenance: We provide periodic mold maintenance, extending the life of your mold and preventing disruptions to your production cycles.

Swift Mold Repair: Our expert team diagnoses and efficiently repairs damaged molds and complex machined metal components, ensuring a prompt return to full operational capacity.


Injection Molding

We excel in the production of superior plastic components within our injection molding division. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of molding techniques, encompassing both standard and specialty approaches. This commitment to excellence allows us to meet diverse client needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision in every component we manufacture.


Quality Control

Precision Group uphold stringent quality standards through a comprehensive process of dimensional analysis, inspection, and rigorous testing for every mold part we manufacture. This meticulous approach ensures that our products not only meet but consistently exceed the demanding requirements essential for the most challenging production environments. Our commitment to precision and reliability is embedded in every step of our manufacturing process, guaranteeing the delivery of molds that stand up to the highest industry standards.


ISO Logo

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, Precision Mold and Tool is committed to quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.

ISO 2016 Logo

We also are certified by ISO 13485: 2016 which allow us to offer our service to the medical device sector.