We specialize in turning your
conceptual ideas into tangible, real-life products.​

Precision Group identifies a prototypes true value lies in its complete functionality.

At Precision Group we take a much different approach to prototyping: we make fully functional prototypes created from aluminum which allows clients to envision and create a quick turnaround of hundreds of identical products that a high-level production tool would create. This approach allows clients to envision their final product exactly as it would appear from a full production run. The advantage is they are quick and easier to build but the real value is they are the most cost-effective approach for small volume projects.​

“Precision Group is a reliable manufacturing specialist, focusing on delivering high-quality tooling, repair, and production services for clients and their projects.


High Performance


Guaranteed Mold Life


Reliable Results

At Precision Group our mission is simple: Deliver the highest quality possible at every step of the process, while providing excellent customer service and support throughout the production cycle and beyond.​

Cold Runner vs. Hot Runner Systems: Choosing Efficiency with Precision Group
Dimensional Verification​
Specialized CAD/CAM Engineering Design​
Plastic & CNC Machining ​
Plastic & CNC Machining ​

At Precision Group our prototype method will assure you the creation of 100-1000 precise plastic injection molded products that are identical to what a high-level production tool creates. This method is ideal for clients needing prototypes or quick turnaround and are looking to test new product concepts. The advantage is a quality product in a short time frame. The real value is the reasonable cost to create your products.​ Contact us today to get started!