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Science & Technology​

Precision Group specializes in the fabrication of cutting-edge components for the science and technology sectors.

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Connect with Precision Group today! We collaborate with leading companies and organizations driving scientific and technological advancements. As these industries evolve rapidly, we stand prepared to fulfill your manufacturing needs with our seasoned expertise and industry-leading teams. Your journey to innovation begins with us,let’s shape the future together!

“What sets us apart is our exceptional service, and expert solutions tailored to meet your individual needs throughout the entire process.”


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Join Precision Group on a journey of exploration and innovation alongside esteemed partners like the Southwest Research Institute, NASA, and Princeton University. Together, let’s transcend boundaries, broaden our understanding, and redefine the world. Whether you’re envisioning large-scale production or unique, one-of-a-kind components, we’re here to collaborate and propel your mission forward. Connect with us now and let’s shape the future together.


The Science and Technology industry requires each product to be meticulously crafted to address a specific purpose and need. Drawing from diverse perspectives, we are dedicated to assisting clients in finding innovative solutions to today’s challenges. Connect with Precision Group, and let’s navigate these challenges together, turning them into opportunities for success​.

Our expertise lies in executing precision maneuvers to craft intricate metal geometries, with a particular focus on substantial bending capabilities. Notably, we have played a specialized support role in NASA aerospace projects, including the Interstellar Frontier Explorer (IBEX) and New Horizons—the pioneering interplanetary space probe that journeyed past Pluto. Contact Precision Group today and start your ourney to Pluto and beyond.