Injection Molding

At the heart of the manufacturing process is the crucial step of injection molding — forcing or injecting molten plastics into a mold made of steel or aluminium, where it cools and forms the shape of the void. Precision Group is well-versed in the art and science of injection molding, with a dedicated and highly trained team working around the clock to fulfill customer orders on numerous injection presses, including the 390-ton Toshiba All-Electric press with a Yushin Robot (see equipment for full list). The end result of our work is high quality plastic components that precisely satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Precision Group offers a range of specialty services within its injection molding division, including overmolding, insert molding, hot oil molding, and Master Unit Dye (MUD) molding. Our molding department is not involved in design, and we do not offer design for injection molded parts, but we do offer tooling design services through our tooling department's design team.

  • Overmolding involves combining two different types of thermoplastic resin to provide different hardnesses, encapsulating one plastic material with another, as in tactile buttons.
  • Insert molding involves encapsulating a metal part with plastic, often seen in plastic instrumentation.
  • Hot oil molding involves using materials that will ultimately be exposed to high temperatures when the final parts used in the field, for instance on airplanes or in vehicles. Those materials can only be run through an injection press using high temperatures.
  • Master Unit Dye (MUD) molding is a lower-cost way to produce a run of small, simple parts using injection molding. In this system, a customer is renting space on a mold to produce injection molded parts. This system is geared toward cost-conscious entrepreneurs or people looking to test the market with a simple, short-run part.

If you are looking to produce a run of injection molded plastic parts using standard or specialty molding techniques, contact us.

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