Mold Repair

While Precision Group has long been known for its expertise in creating new molds, we are also frequently asked to perform preventative maintenance and repair on existing molds as they experience wear and tear over the course of their production lifespans. Our skilled technical staff can quickly diagnose the extent of the maintenance needed and our cutting-edge technology allows us to make those repairs to molds quickly, even if they are complex or minute.

Recently, Precision Group has added a new tool to its arsenal for mold repair services — the HTS Mobile Precision Laser Welder, which uses a pulsed Nd:YAG laser (see equipment list). This laser welding process localizes the working area, allowing for extremely precise welds with an accuracy of up to 50 microns. We have executed such welds on a number of metals including various high-hardness steels: S-7, H-13, P-20, NAK-55, D-2, A-2, A-6, M-2, 410-SS, 420-SS, Elmax, Aermet, Aluminum alloys, Copper Beryllium and Amcoloy 940.

Our laser welding technology allows us to perform repair of worn or damaged components, textured surfaces, and mismarked engravings on molds. This method of repair carries numerous advantages, including:

  • prevention of undercuts and sinking of the weld
  • minimal heat input to the base metal (resulting in the lowest possible distortion)
  • minimal welded metal deposited (resulting in minimal machining)
  • extremely precise control of the weld
  • ability to weld in deep holes and cavities
  • ability to weld within a few thousands of an inch of existing features that are not to be disturbed on the mold

Precision Group regularly services molds for the aerospace, automotive, appliances, and R&D industries and we’ve earned the trust of our customers over years of consistent and high-quality repairs on molds large and small.

If you are looking to repair or service a mold, contact us.

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