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The Importance of Mold Maintenance

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We have focused on the intricacies of mold design and build, but just as important is longevity. The best way to lower the overall cost of your injection molding program is through careful maintenance in the prevention of part failure. Mold maintenance is the proactive cleaning and repair required to keep an injection mold working optimally.

Molds continue to advance in design and build, to perform faster and with more complex demands put on them. Additionally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are pushing the limits of their molds past the million-cycle warranties. This quest for “better/faster” also means that if a mold malfunction occurs, it could cause significant delays in production. This adds up for the need for regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

Neglecting a mold can lead to a slew of problems including rejected parts (and more production cycles), damage to the mold, and if the mold fails completely, damage to machinery. It’s a fine balance of production and downtime. There are levels of maintenance that, if performed on a regular basis, can ultimately reduce your downtime.

Many buyers overlook this critical aspect when choosing a supplier. At Precision Group we have the equipment, technical know-how, and documentation to sustain a preventative maintenance program. We are your strategic partner from mold design and build through maintenance.