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Turning the Tide

Not too long ago, America proudly led the world in manufacturing. What the heck happened? Decades of outsourcing by short-sighted corporations has stripped America of our manufacturing independence, leaving us vulnerable in the era of COVID-19. Only now, faced with a broken system where we cannot obtain medical supplies to fight the virus, have these corporate decision-makers learned what many of us have known all along: that America must be ready and able to produce crucial products “in-house” within our borders at a moment’s notice.

America has been vulnerable for many years, relying on a false sense of security that a global crisis would not disrupt our international supply chains. If there is one silver lining of the still-unfolding pandemic, it is that our complacence has been shattered, and our country is responding with exactly the hard work and perseverance needed to emerge stronger on the other side. Working together, people and private industry in this country have already started to turn the tide, building 100,000 ventilators in 100 days, compared to 40,000 in the eight years prior to the pandemic.

We are listening to your concerns, and we know you agree: we must bring American manufacturing back home again and restore our industrial independence. For many corporations, this transition will be difficult — requiring a different mindset, a more focused vision, hard work, and determination. At Precision Group, we’ve already spent 35 years building a foundation for navigating this new world. We are a successful, fully-American manufacturing operation employing skilled American workers, and we’ve always believed that is the best way to operate.

Now, because we have kept our operations in America, and developed a strong technological core, we are ready and able to ramp up production of medical supplies like oxygen mask components, and lead the charge to make America competitive in manufacturing once more.

Here are some of the medical devices and components we are proud to manufacture in America: