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Latest Progress on Monterrey Shop

In our last update, we shared that Precision Group is building a new shop to expand our operations into Monterrey, Mexico. This new shop will be fully equipped with the latest technology to service...

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Precision Group Announces New Operations in Monterrey

Precision Group is excited to announce that we are developing a new 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Monterrey, Mexico to expand our tooling operations. This facility will be fully outfitted with the latest...

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Strengthening America’s Manufacturing Labor Force

We’ve talked a lot about outsourcing and how we can choose to grow our economy once more by bringing crucial production back to our shores, but successfully rebooting our economy with the goal of...

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Turning the Tide

Not too long ago, America proudly led the world in manufacturing. What the heck happened? Decades of outsourcing by short-sighted corporations has stripped America of our manufacturing independence, l...

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Outsourcing Is Not the Answer

COVID-19 has exposed some harsh realities about American manufacturing. For years, operations have been shipped overseas where labor is cheaper due to unequal economic development. Now, in our hour of...

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