Quality plastic components using standard or specialty molding techniques.

High quality plastic components that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements.

What makes us unique and sets us apart is our unparalleled commitment to excellence.

At the heart of our manufacturing process lies the pivotal step of injection molding. This involves the precise injection of molten plastics into steel or aluminum molds, where they cool and adopt the desired form. The Precision Group excels in the art and science of injection molding, boasting a dedicated and expert team tirelessly fulfilling customer orders across multiple injection presses. Notable among these are the Toshiba All-Electric press and the 390-ton machine, featuring a Yushin Robot, to name a few. Our relentless commitment results in the production of high-quality plastic components that meticulously align with our customers’ specifications. 


High Quality Assurance


Customized Solutions


Specialized Machines

At Precision Group, our mission is straightforward: Each step in our process is an opportunity to showcase our dedication to quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Precision Group offers a range of specialized services within its injection molding division, including over molding, insert molding, hot oil molding, and master unit die casting (MUD). Connect now today and get started!!