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Alamo Academies Internship Program Graduate!

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Congratulations to Steven Valadez, Burbank High School and Alamo Academies student. Steven will complete his internship next week. Following the completion of the 8-week, 320 hour program. Then Steven will complete his senior year in high school and the Academy. Upon graduation, he’ll have 32 credits toward an Associate’s Degree. While at Precision Mold & Tool Group, Steven worked 320 hours in both the molding and injection sides of the business. Additionally, he is the first participant in the preappenticeship program established between Precision Mold & Tool Group and the Alamo Academies. If Steven chooses to, this program allows for a direct hire to the US Department of Labor apprenticeship program and sets him up for a life-long career. We wish Steven all the best with his senior year in school and look forward to him returning to Precision Mold & Tool Group following his graduation. Congratulations Steven!!