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Plastic injection in the medical industry

Those who study medicine never stop doing it, due to the constant evolution and discovery of new medical processes in favor of a better quality of life. 

This progress requires the application of new development methods to innovate the devices used in the medical sector. 

In response to this need, the application of plastic injection molding in San Antonio in the medical industry arises, and to learn more about its role, importance, and production areas, the Precision Group team brings you the following article. 

What is the application of plastic injection in medicine? 

If you remember our last article, we talked about the plastic injection processes in San Antonio

Broadly it is a method of manufacturing pieces by injecting a plastic polymer into a mold, once this is opened, it produces a specific product depending on the mold used, for example, a plastic bottle. 

The medical industry is responsible for manufacturing devices, materials, and tools for the use of the medical sector and patients. 

An efficient form of manufacturing the products for medical use results from merging the medical industry with the plastic injection techniques in San Antonio.

By merging the plastic injection technique in the USA with the medical industry, an efficient way to manufacture these products for medical use is presented.

Importance of plastic injection in the medical sector

For many years, glass and metal were the materials for manufacturing medical equipment. Why is the evolution in treatments making the preference for these materials obsolete and replacing them with products made from plastic injection molding? It is all due to the benefits offered by this production technique.

1.- Lightness

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most used resins for plastic injection molding of medical products. In addition to being a non-toxic material, it is also lightweight. 

These benefits are convenient for the medical staff that will transport and use the material, as well as for the patients that need these medical devices manufactured with plastic for their daily routine.  

2.- Mass Precision 

One of the benefits of plastic injection in San Antonio, for any industry, is the opportunity of manufacturing products in series with the same quality regardless of the complexity of the mold. 

The medical industry highly benefits from it because their products by nature need to be accurate and detailed to accomplish their function and not harm the patient’s health. 

3.- Hygienic Material

In each of the processes for the manufacture of medical equipment, it is a priority to ensure that everything happens under a strict hygienic system

This system is achieved by the plastic injection procedure, which provides the medical sector assurance that any material they use will not develop infections or contain any contaminating agents. 

4.- Innovation

With plastic injection molding, it is possible to manufacture molds with complex designs, giving results to medical devices that in another period were thought impossible to elaborate with accuracy and in mass production

This procedure allows us to blur the limits and expand the scope of possibilities for medical innovation

5.- Flexibility and resistance

Although the plastic used in these products is lightweight, it does not mean that it is fragile; on the contrary, it is highly resistant and flexible. 

It means that the equipment will not break easily, it can support contact with chemical substances, and no fissures that could store harmful bacteria will develop.

6.- Cost control

Many people need equipment and tools manufactured by the medical industry. Luckily, plastic injection techniques allow greater accessibility to hygienic, durable, functional, and low-cost products. 

What medical equipment is produced?

Hereafter we are going to share some products that are possible thanks to plastic injection molding in San Antonio

1.- Lab Material

The objective of a clinical laboratory is to support the medical area in the analysis test to provide the correct treatment to the patients.  

For achieving this, precise and hygienic materials are required, such as beakers, cuvettes, pipettes, racks, tweezers, extraction tubes, Petri dishes, etc. 

With the plastic injection technique, the manufacture of medical devices is possible, whether it is disposable or long-term, and meets all health regulatory requirements. 

2.- Injection devices

With mold variety made for plastic injection, it is possible to manufacture injection devices for their prescribed and emergency use

The care with which they are manufactured from the first stage will assure that the syringe in your hand is sterile and easy to handle.

3.- Pharmaceutical packaging 

Whether as containers or vials, these containers can be manufactured using the plastic injection technique, giving certainty of hygiene and safety because child-resistant lids are also produced. 

In addition, as a business, you can commission the mold design for a container that gives identity and reliability to your brand.

4.- Magnetic resonance equipment

The magnetic resonance tests use waves to produce images of the human body and have a diagnosis. 

During this process, all the equipment must be made of plastic in order not to harm the patient and assure the reliability of the test and not damage the machine. 

Everything that is needed in and around the resonance machine can be acquired using the plastic injection molding technique.

5.- Prostheses

The support devices manufacturing such as prostheses, through plastic injection in San Antonio, allow for these devices to be more affordable. 

Clean area productions: What space is needed?

As you can see the medical industry has opted for medical equipment manufacturing trusting in plastic injection molding due to the quality, accuracy, and hygiene of their procedures and materials

Part of this success lies in the production area since it is not any space but one specially designed to control any factor that can pollute the materials, as well as the temperature and air pressure. 

They are known as white rooms or clean rooms, these are classified according to the particle concentration in the air: ISO 1 to ISO 8, being the last one the most used for the medical industry

Without a doubt, plastic injection molding has been a revolutionary and beneficial change for this industry. 

We hope this article has helped you. To know more about the plastic injection process stay tuned to our blog, we will keep you updated. 

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